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Fatty Liver Disease: The Most Common Symptoms

6. Skin Changes

In addition to skin changes due to jaundice, you may notice patchy skin and discoloration in the neck area (due to swollen glands) and under the arms once liver failure sets in. Additional skin alterations may show themselves in broken blood vessels on the face, or spider veins on the chest, back, and shoulders. The hands can also be affected, with palms turning red and nail beds turning white with enlarged fingertips. In most cases, skin changes caused by fatty liver disease cause the skin to darken.

If you drink alcohol, you may notice that any such changes in your skin colors intensify after periods of heavy drinking. You should interpret this as a serious sign that it’s time to make some significant lifestyle changes. Giving up drinking can be difficult, so if you’re struggling to ban the bottle, tell your doctor. He or she can direct you to medical and community-based resources that can make it easier for you to give up drinking for good.

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