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Fatty Liver Disease: The Most Common Symptoms

4. Jaundice

Jaundice, a condition that shows itself in yellowing of the skin and in the whites of the eyes is a common sign of liver disease.  Jaundice is caused when bile flow from the liver is blocked, which brings out itchy, tiny yellow bumps around the eyelids and on the skin’s surface. These yellow deposits are caused by excess levels of bilirubin in the blood, which cannot be excreted from the body due to diminished liver function.

Clinicians classify jaundice in three different ways: hemolytic, hepatocellular, and choleastic. Hemolytic jaundice indicates that the condition is arising outside of the liver, and is likely caused by an infectious disease such as malaria. Hepatocellular and choleastic jaundice both occur within the liver, and doctors perform differential diagnoses to detect the exact cause of jaundice and determine whether or not it’s occurring as the result of diminished liver function.

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