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Eyelash Extensions: 6 Things to Know Before Heading to the Lash Bar

2.  Cue the Common Horror Stories

Before you say it, yes, I’m old school. I don’t use fillers, hair dye, or even wear lipstick, and I’m totally OCD when it comes to researching the life out of fad beauty and fitness trends (hence, how I landed this sweet gig). However, I’d heard the horror stories and even witnessed a few eye lash horrors from friends who’d gone under the tweezer and glue before me. For instance, I have a family member who’s eye lids were accidentally glued together by the technician. She ended up with a nasty fungal infection. Call me a eyelash extension naysayer, but I see far too many women walking around with clumpy, fake lashes coming at me, and I’m (personally) not for paying to look like that.

The stories of unregulated eyelash extension technicians causing infections and genuine eyelash carnage (nubs, people) was enough to make me question whether I wanted to be a part of this wedding. Even actress Kristin Chenoweth confessed to her eyelash extension mishap while hopped up on Benadryl to David Letterman, “I got eyelash extensions…[but] the glue has formaldehyde in it, and I’m allergic [so] I swelled up and I’m sneezing…It looks like I have lips on my eyelids.”

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