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Ewwwwww! 10 of the Germiest Places in Your Home

We all know the most obvious germy places—public toilet bowls, your garbage disposal, your cat’s litter box. However, the typical home is also full of other germy realms and dirty personal items that should be considered some of the worst germ-ridden culprits, like these (in no particularly yucky order)…

1. TV Remotes

That universal remote that powers your television, stereo system, and gaming station sure is handy, but it sure is filthy too! A study conducted on household remote controls found that not only was the TV remote in the top germiest objects in the living room—most also tested positive for antibiotic-resistant staph (in addition to all of that nacho cheese flavoring). That’s why it’s important to wipe down your remote with antibacterial disinfectant cleaner at least once every other week.

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