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Effective Treatments for Nerve Pain

Whether it’s a chronic stiff neck, a horrible migraine, or a pinched nerve in your shoulder nerve pain is relentless when it strikes—and it always comes on at the worst possible moment.

Getting control of your nerve pain can seem hopeless without effective pain relief. Luckily, the medical professionals offer nine popular options—of the prescription and non-prescription variety—when it comes to treating nerve pain.  In fact, many of the following nine nerve pain relief treatments are used in combination for greater success.

1. Opioid Painkillers

For acute nerve pain, doctors often suggest the most powerful prescription option available—opioid painkillers. These not only work fast at providing pain relief, but also often work when lower dose treatments fail to quell discomfort. But keep in mind that opioids often come with harsh side effects, such as stomach upset, constipation, digestive woes, and exhaustion, as well as a high risk of becoming addicted.

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