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Don’t Sweat These 6 Facts About Hot and Cold Sleepers

Do you often wake up during the night drenched in sweat, while your partner next to you seems to be dozing away without a bead of sweat on their brow? This could be the difference between being a hot and cold sleeper.

While the term “hot sleeper” might be difficult to find in a medical manual, there is definitely a lot of buzz attached to the term right now, and ways to alleviate overheating during the night (usually with breathable sheets). Let’s take a closer look at six factors that could be causing you to run hot or cold during the night…

1. Women Often Feel Colder at Night

An article from ApartmentTherapy.com comparing men and women in the context of how they perceive temperature during sleep hours notes that while women may be in the exact same room climate, they perceive being colder.

“Women actually do feel the cold more than their male counterparts because females are better at conserving heat than men,” notes the article. It also explains that the layer of fat in women is more “even distributed” than men’s, therefore pulling blood back towards their organs leaving less for their extremities (resulting in cold toes, for example).

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