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Don’t Sneeze at These 9 Uncommon Allergies

If you find yourself sneezing and sniffling or having some other chronic health problem that you (and your doctor) just can’t seem to figure out, you may be allergic to something. However, the allergy may not be a common one like hay fever or Latex.

These allergic reactions can be from your diet or your environment, but they can wreak havoc on your well-being until you pinpoint the problem. Here are nine possible allergy triggers to consider if your symptoms are driving you mad…

1. Red Meat

While the most common food allergies involve eggs, peanuts, wheat and shellfish, some people have sensitivity to beef, pork and lamb. “These allergies are usually attributed to a sugar found in meat called alpha-galactose,” explains Healthline.com.

It notes if you’re allergic to one type of meat, chances are you’re allergic to another. Kids who have meat sensitivities often also have milk intolerance, it adds. Allergic symptoms from eating red meat (runny nose, rash, nausea) appear as late as 6-hours after consumption, according to the source.

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