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Don’t Panic About These 7 Common Specific Phobias

Everyone is a little afraid of something – whether they admit it or not. However, not being a fan of public speaking and going into panic mode just thinking about it are two very different things, and a lot of people suffer from these types of phobias.

According to VeryWell.com, phobias are the most common mental disorder in the U.S., and they affect more women than men. Let’s dare to take a closer look at seven of the most common specific phobias gripping Americans…

1. Arachnophobia

A relatively high portion of all arachnophobia sufferers – 30.5-percent of them – live in the U.S. alone, according to FearOf.net. “It is one of the most common animal phobias around the world,” adds the source.

The site explains that it’s not just the creepy-crawliness of spiders that puts people into a panic – it is probably tied to evolution, meaning that we know deep down through human experience that spiders can be deadly, and we react accordingly. “Arachnophobes however tend to go to extreme lengths to ensure that their surroundings are free from spiders, often causing themselves a great deal of embarrassment,” it adds.

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