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Don’t Let Anger Ruin Your Health

When you get angry do you simmer slowly or do you jump right to the point of boiling over?  Everyone experiences anger differently, but if you let your fury get out of control, you may be putting your health at risk. A 2014 research study from Harvard School of Public Medical Health linked extreme emotional responses (i.e., anger) to cardiovascular incidents. For instance, in the few hours after an angry outburst, the risk of stroke tripled while the risk of a heart attack increased 5-fold.  Findings showed that even though the danger of experiencing a sudden cardiovascular event after a single outburst was quite rare, that risk grows if you’re prone to frequent and uncontrollable rage. This means that learning to breathe, let go, and take back control during moments of anger is imperative to your heart health…

1. Just Breathe…

I’m a yoga instructor so breathing to bring focus inward and tune out external stressors is something that I absolutely believe in and employ in my classes. But don’t just take my word for it! Luckily researchers from Harvard Medical School agree—referring to deep breathing as one of the body’s soundest, internal self-recovery systems.

Deep breathing is breath drawn from the belly (or abdominal) and diaphragm—as you breathe in your diaphragm and lower belly rises as you inhale and deflates fully as you exhale. This full exchange of fresh oxygen for carbon dioxide can be used with a stress-busting mantra (i.e., “serenity now”) as your heart rate and blood pressure gradually and safely re-stabilizes.

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