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Don’t Be Confused by These 8 Delirium Causes

“Delirium” is a term often used for someone who is not in their right mind, and often there are underlying health factors. The Mayo Clinic perhaps describes it best: “Delirium is a serious disturbance in mental abilities that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of your environment.”

The onset of delirium can happen quite suddenly or over a few days, adds the source. Because of the associated confusion, it can sometimes be mistaken for dementia, so it’s important to have it sorted out by a medical professional. Here are eight reasons a person may experience delirium…

1. Medications

Sometimes medications can have side effects such as lack of alertness, but delirium can be triggered by prescription drugs (or a combination of them), notes the Mayo Clinic.

These medications that can be delirium triggers include drugs for pain, sleep, mood disorders (anxiety and depression), allergies (antihistamines), Parkinson’s disease medications, anti-convulsants and asthma medications, according to the source.

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