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Do You Suffer From Sleep Drunkenness?

Do you have a habit of blaming poor after-hours behavior on a bad nightmare or sleepwalking? Well researchers at Stanford University’s Sleep Epidemiology Research Center, have identified a third reason for bizarre conduct, extreme confusion, and even confusing your better half with a former lover (although there’s no excuse for that)—sleep drunkenness.

Here’s how to tell if you or someone you love is among 15-percent of the population that suffers from this sleep-induced form of inebriation…

1. What is Sleep Drunkenness?

Stanford researchers use the term “sleep drunkenness” to rationalize brief periods of extreme confusion, action, or conversation shortly after waking up from a deep sleep. Durations of sleep intoxication typically last between a 2 to 15-minutes in length, and sufferers typically have no memory of what they say or do during this time.

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