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Decluttering for Health: 12 Things You Need to Throw Away

Does your living space bring you joy and happiness? Or is it filled with stress-causing clutter? The zen-home movement is all about turning our homes into sanctuaries; places of rest, relaxation and joy and one of the first places to start when looking at your own space is focusing on decluttering.

We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, some of it we use regularly and some of it may just be collecting dust. If you have a lot of the latter, it could be time to go through those drawers, closets and boxes and finally get rid of all that junk. If you’re not quite sure where to start or what to get rid of first, here are twelve common clutter items that just aren’t worth holding on to any longer…


1. Greeting Cards

It’s always nice to receive a card from someone, whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, new baby…whatever…it’s just nice to know someone is thinking about you. But what do you do with that card after its been opened and appreciated? Many people say they should be thrown out after a certain amount of time (exactly how long is a topic of great debate) but many people keep the cards they receive forever.

While we understand the sentiment behind this, we agree it’s time to send your old cards to the recycling bin. But before you do, make sure they’re completely recyclable. Any fancy elements like glitter, ribbon or foil can’t actually be recycled, but a great way to preserve those memories is to cut out the fancy elements from your old greeting cards and use them for scrapbooking, collages or even better, make them into a new handmade card of your own. Now that’s up-cycling!


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