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Debunking 13 Commonly Feared Health Myths

We’re all told things by our parents and friends while growing up that we take as gospel, or hear things from our favorite celebrities that we assume must be true (after all, they’re celebrities).

However, while there are many very real health risks out there to be mindful of, there are some that you can outright ignore – or at least stop worrying about so much, because worrying is not good for your health. Here are 13 health myths to bust…

1. Eyesight and Proximity to Television

This is one of those classic things we all heard from our parents – “don’t sit so close to the television! You’ll ruin your eyes!” While staring at a television for too long can strain your eyes, modern TVs don’t really pose any danger in terms of causing permanent damage, notes the source.

It explains that the roots of this myth may be due to the fact that prior to the 1950s, some televisions had “radioactive components,” which could indeed lead to eyesight problems (and who knows what else). It assures that modern televisions have “sufficient shielding” to protect the viewer.

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