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Connect to These 7 Tips for Social Wellness Month

These days, it seems the word “social” means jumping in front of a smartphone or computer to engage in social media. However, there are benefits to real human contact. In fact, research from the University of Minnesota finds that living in isolation is as bad for your health as smoking or high blood pressure.

July is social wellness month, so this is a great time to find an excuse to connect with other people (not that you really need one). It doesn’t mean you have to plan a high school reunion in your living room, but getting together to catch up with a friend can go a long way. Social wellness is also about knowing yourself better. Here are seven ways to boost your social wellness this July…

1. Join a Gym

Becoming a member of a fitness club usually puts you with other people by default. Many times you end up connecting with someone that can help you reach your fitness goals, or at least help spot you when lifting weights.

The University of Minnesota’s Taking Charge website also suggests joining a hiking club if you prefer the great outdoors to the confines of a fitness facility. You can take in the fresh air while keeping pace with a group of like-minded individuals.

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