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Clean Up With These 7 Facts about Personal Hygiene

As a society, we are (mostly) obsessed with keeping ourselves clean and tidy—largely for cosmetic reasons. However, there are other very important reasons to keep yourself groomed, and they’re about your health.

A variety of ailments can spring up from neglecting your hygiene. However, Americans may be overdoing it, according to some new research. Let’s brush up on seven interesting facts about personal hygiene…

1. You Don’t Need to Shower Every Day?

A recent Lifehack.org article suggests your daily shower routine may be more than is required. In fact, it goes as far as to say you may actually be doing yourself more harm than good by standing under the water each morning.

The article cites research that too much showering with soap can remove essential oils from your skin—this causes your skin to dry up and get a rough texture. Scrubbing daily can destroy the top layer of skin that protects layers underneath, it notes, adding “good” bacteria that protects you from infection doesn’t have a chance to thrive when you shower every day.

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