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Trying Out the 6 Most Popular Nursing Positions for Moms and Babies

Breastfeeding Awareness Week will soon come to an end (it spans from August 1 to 7), however many moms will tell you that there is no end to the many misconceptions surrounding nursing. Akin to moms and babies, the way you breastfeed (or choose not to) is very personal and unique. Add to the fact this  survey from UC Davis Medical Center, which found that roughly 92-percent of the new mothers struggled with problems breastfeeding in the days following birth.

Obviously, there is no one-way suits all position to nurse, which is why most lactation consultants and post-natal professionals will recommend trying out several common breastfeeding positions to see what works best, and feels most natural and supportive, for you and for your baby…you’re a team after all!

1. Cradle Nursing

No, this most popular nursing position doesn’t have you feeding baby from his or her cradle. Instead, the cradle breastfeeding position has you seated comfortably so you can bring your baby to your breast to suckle while supporting his or her head with your forearm.

Baby’s body can be supported comfortably either by a folded blanket or propped up with a nursing pillow.


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