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Touching on 6 Benefits of Infant Massage

When we think of massage therapy, we think of it mostly as a way to soothe our aching adult muscles whether we’re lifting boxes all day or staring at a computer screen in an office. While massage is a great drug-free way to manage pain and improve range of motion, it also has benefits for those who haven’t yet left the crib.

Infant massage is an age-old practice (dating back to 3,000 B.C.E. in some cultures) and a popular modern method of improving the well-being of your child, while helping you as a parent learn techniques you can apply at home. It’s also a great way to bring you and baby closer in a healthy and productive way. Here are six benefits of infant massage…

1. Bonding

As already mentioned, infant massage is a great way for you and junior to spend quality time together. Research from the Foundation for Healthy Family Living refers to the power of “touch communication”, which it describes as “vital for the development of attachment behavior and for early social development of the young child”.

The source also notes that infant massage teaches you as a parent to respond appropriately to your baby’s cues, as well as learning the level of nurturing your child needs. This early bond with a parent will set the tone for all subsequent relationships in life, adds the site.

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