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Top 10 Kids’ Snacks for Energy

Kids are like black holes—they suck up food, especially snacks, like a high-performance Dyson vacuum. Plus they’re growing at an amazing rate, so it’s important to supply their bodies and minds with powerhouse snacks.  To make the grade, snacks need to provide nutrition and building blocks for growth and development, not just empty calories.

Optimal snacks give kids more energy and help regulate mood, too. It’s hard for the little ones to manage their emotions when their blood sugar has taken a nosedive after a less-than-stellar snack. Here are ten snack ideas that will give them energy and keep them happy from sunrise to sunset…


1. Crackers and Cheese

It’s an oldie but a goodie. So why is it a top snack pick for kids? The cheese provides the protein that most kids’ snacks are sadly lacking, along with much-needed calcium and vitamin D. Cheese strings are a good bet as well and they are portion-controlled so that little tummies won’t be too full for the next meal.

As far as the crackers go, this can be a make or break situation for the snack. A whole-grain, high-fiber pick is a must. Think Triscuits, not Saltines. Sugar should be at 0-grams, so instead of putting on the Ritz, think whole grains and seeds, and not white flour. And if the kids want a warm snack, put the whole concoction in the microwave for 10-seconds for ooey gooey goodness.

Cheese and Crackers

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