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Sleep Tight: 10 Effective Baby Napping Tips

A sleeping baby is a beautiful sight to behold. As a parent, your heart will swell with unconditional love as you watch your baby slumbering peacefully.

However, you’ll have heart palpitations when you can’t baby to sleep for the third night in a row due to non-stop crying. What can you do to ensure a restful night for both baby and mom and dad?

Here are ten effective baby napping and sleeping tips…

1. Maintain a Strict Bedtime

Studies consistently show that babies who had a strict nap and bedtime routine went to their cribs with less fuss and fell asleep faster and easier. It’s difficult to have a precise bedtime with a newborn, and trying to enforce a schedule when they’re so young will likely just cause more stress for the parent. Trying to force a schedule is next to impossible with a newborn. It will also probably make you even more tired than you already are, so don’t worry about a strict bedtime right after your child is born.

However, once your baby is 6 to 8 months, you can start to establish an exact time for napping and bedtime to train their little bodies each day by keeping a consistent schedule. Some babies are able to get into this schedule earlier, around 3 months old, but it’s not that common. You could give it a try at that age but don’t push it if it doesn’t work, and wait until your baby is 6 months to try again.

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