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Shining a Penlight on 9 Common Childhood Ailments

Parents are extra vigilant about their child’s health, but the fact is at one point or another, your child will get sick with or without regular medical checkups. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek medical attention when your child is ill, however you should remember to keep the situation in context to help you remain calm.

That being said, it’s Children’s Health Month in October, so that presents a great opportunity to shine a light on some of the more common ailments your child may have and how to deal with them. Here are nine of them…

1. Croup Cough

This is a common ailment among children under 5-years of age, and is not usually serious (even though it sounds like a barking seal), according to Health Direct based in Australia.

This illness is caused by the same viruses that lead to the common cold, adds the source. If you notice your child struggling to breathe between coughs, or their breathing becomes labored even when relaxed, then it’s time to call a doctor.


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