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Roll with These 7 Tips on Stroller Safety

A stroller is an essential part of getting your infant or upright toddler around, to save you the strain of carrying them when their little legs get tired. However, while a stroller used to be a simple thing with no bells and whistles, these days many new options have been added that enhance safety and functionality.

Not all strollers are made the same, and you’ll want to consider the best for your child’s age and weight, as well as your location (urban or rural). There are other considerations, for example if you want to be active while transporting your child. Here are seven stroller safety tips for parents to consider…

1. Get a Reclining Stroller for Newborns

If your child is still brand new, make sure you get a stroller that reclines (ideally, all the way to a flat position), notes the Mayo Clinic. This is because newborns can’t hold up their heads yet, so you’ll have a situation where their head may be flopping around.

On the same note, if you are buying a “jogging stroller” so you can take baby with you on morning runs, keep in mind that most of these types of strollers aren’t designed for younger infants. The clinic recommends waiting until your child is 6-months old before introducing them to this ride.

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