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No Kidding Around With These 6 Playground Safety Tips

The playground—it’s the ultimate space for kids to expend their energy while learning new skills and interacting with other children. However, as a parent, you have to be a bit more involved than glancing up from your phone occasionally from the sidelines.

While the playground is designed for just that—playing—it can be less than fun for your little ones (and you) if you don’t keep some simple tips in mind relating to their safety and how they socialize with others. Here are six tips to win at the playground…


1. Scope Out the Area First

Just like responsible truck drivers do a check of their vehicle before they hit the road, you should do a safety check of the playground before you let junior go for, it especially if it’s a playground that’s in an area that’s not maintained as often.

Safe Kids Worldwide suggests looking at the equipment itself for any obvious malfunctions or rusty bits, as well as uneven surfaces. You can also be aware of any potentially dangerous trash left behind such as broken bottles or cigarette butts.

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