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Let’s Talk About 7 Health Findings on Autism

Autism is commonly characterized as a mental condition that affects communication and behavior, which is present from an early age. There are several medical theories out there about autism, some more backed by science than others. For example, some celebrities caused a false buzz by stating the condition is caused by vaccines.

While there is no single solid trigger that has been found, some experts believe autism is linked to immune system issues. While autism is often seen as a deficiency, experts are noting how people with autism can actually excel (especially creatively, as noted in regard to actors and artists in this Guardian article). Here are seven medical findings about autism to consider…


1. Autism is Present in Brain Scans

The Autism Society, based in Maryland, notes that autism is more than a behavioral disorder. It actually shows up on brain scans. For this reason, the society says autism is accepted as a brain abnormality.

The size and shape of a child’s brain with autism is notably different from a “neurotypical” child, adds the society. While autism shows up in a scan, there’s still no single cause that has been pinpointed, explains the source.

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