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Is My Teen Showing Signs of Schizophrenia?

2. Lack of Emotions

Another common sign of schizophrenia is a lack of emotions which is called the “flat affect.” However, you can understand how you may shrug this off as a typical apathetic teenage response. The individual may be unable to express feelings of joy, be totally unable to cry (or they may experience the opposite, where they can’t stop crying or laughing uncontrollably). Their whole demeanor may appear indifferent in what would be a normally stressful or emotional situation—even their gaze expressionless when asked a question or for an opinion.

A good way to differentiate whether a teenager is simply being a teenager or there’s something more serious going on, is by gauging their reaction (or lack thereof). Teenagers are known for being moody and easily agitated, but if all you’re getting is a vacant unblinking response, one that cannot be mistaken for them simply not hearing you, then it could be cause for suspicion. In addition to having a lack of emotion, they might showcase inappropriate responses like laughing during a sad movie, says WebMD.

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