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How to Help Your Child Say Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

Whether they be feathered, scaled, furry or gilled, the relationships we develop with our pets is one of love and companionship. When it’s time to say goodbye, helping your child prepare for the inevitable can be heartbreaking. Here are a few tips to help them cope with the loss of a beloved pet…


1. Prepare Your Child if You Have the Time

Whether your pet is suffering from old age or an illness, if you know the day is looming near, take the time to prepare your child. Make sure you take into consideration your child’s age, maturity level and previous experiences with death to determine the scope of the conversation.

Stick to the facts and provide your child an age appropriate explanation and answer their questions honestly. For young children, losing a pet can be their first experience with death. Talking about the loss is one of the best ways to cope.

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