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Don’t Cry Over These 8 Common Health Problems in Babies

Your baby is precious to you – so any signs of an illness can be very upsetting, especially to new parents. That being said, most babies are going to get sick – and fairly often – but it’s quite common and you can stay calm if you know what you’re looking for.

From uncontrollable crying to a higher temperature, it’s not usually a reason to pack up all your gear and head to the hospital. Here are eight common ailments in infants that are mostly harmless but can raise alarm bells (and if you’re in doubt, consult a medical professional).

1. Non-Stop Crying

Parents.com says parents can make the assumption they’re doing it all wrong when their baby is suddenly inconsolable. However, the source refers to what many parents in the know call “the witching hour,” and there’s not a lot you can do sometimes to calm them down once they reach it.

This extra fussiness usually begins around 4 to 7 p.m., and it’s natural, assures the site. It usually begins in baby’s first 2-months (and is especially prevalent between weeks 5 to 8), and then calms down by 3-months, it adds. You can ensure your baby is napping properly to help prevent them from getting overtired, or take them for a stroll to relax them, it suggests.

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