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Chew on These 7 Possible Reasons Children Refuses To Eat

Kids can be very fussy when it comes to mealtime, and this is a never-ending source of frustration for countless parents across the country. However, there are factors involved – sometimes more than one factor – that can lead to your kid turning up their nose at what you’ve prepared for them.

This can be stressful for parents who believe their child will be undernourished or underdeveloped due to their lack of food intake. While a doctor or pediatrician can help make recommendations whether a medical intervention is required, here are seven things to consider that might make mealtime go smoother in the future…

1. Lack of Routine

Developing a schedule of when your kids eat is important in prompting them to dig in, according to YourKidsTable.com. “This can be a touchy subject for parents, we all have our comfortable eating habits and routines that we have already established for ourselves as adults,” notes the source.

That means you may not be following an eating pattern that benefits your child. “We often continue to do what is comfortable for us with our kids, but it isn’t always what leads us to teaching them habits that we really want them to have,” it adds. The source also explains that a lack of willingness to try new foods can partially come down to lack of routine as well.

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