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9 Tips for a Healthy School Year Ahead

For parents, there are two dates on the calendar that should cause them to take a minute or two to reflect on the time ahead: New Year’s Day and the start of a new school year. Both are great times to make resolutions about the period ahead, and in each case a key part of those resolutions should be planning to think and act with the whole family’s health in mind.

So, with another school year upon us, what can you do to keep everyone feeling good and ready to learn?

1. Start the Day Right

Every health-conscious parent knows it’s important to start the day with a healthy breakfast. If your child asks why, tell them it’s like adding coal to the locomotive’s engine—it gets your mind and body fired up for a long day of learning.

The best breakfasts should be balanced, which means they’ll include fruits and vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Try scrambled eggs with sliced apples and a side of whole grain bread. Try to get them to skip the sugary cereal, if you can.


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