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8 Versatile Vegetables You Can Sneak Past Your Kids

If you have kids of your own, I probably don’t need to tell you how hard it can be to get them to eat their veggies. It’s a parents job to worry about our kids’ nutrition and they don’t make it any easier when they turn their little noses up at anything that looks remotely suspicious.

You can try offering them Nature’s bounty over and over again and eventually they might just try something, but there are easier ways to get those veggies in, you might just have to be a little bit crafty. Sometimes the only way to make sure your kids get their veggies is to disguise, blend, or sneak them into some of their favorite foods. Here are eight versatile veggies you can easily sneak past your kids…

1. Carrots

If there’s one vegetable that you can usually sneak past your kids without suspicion, it has to be carrots. Their mild sweet flavor is pretty pleasing to kids’ palettes, though it can still be difficult to get them to take that initial bite. There are a few ways to disguise them however, and baking is a great way because carrots add sweetness and moisture to any recipe.

Carrot muffins are easy to make and work well for a breakfast or lunch treat thats packed with hidden veggie goodness. Kids usually like pasta with tomato sauce, and you can give your regular sauce recipe an added vitamin boost by adding grated carrot and cooking it into the sauce. The orange color will blend right in and it will give the sauce an added sweetness that the kids will love.

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