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8 Tips to Soothe a Child’s Painful Ear Infection

As parents, we’ve all experienced the sleepless nights, non-stop crying, and emergency trips to the pharmacy and doctor because our child is suffering with a painful ear infection.

Approximately 70-percent of all children are stricken with at least one ear infection by age 3—most typically following a cold, a bout of allergies, or a sinus infection, which can cause the Eustachian tube to become inflamed and fluid to accumulate in the middle ear canal (an ear infection referred to as otitis media with effusion) or a mixture of fluid and bacterial infection to accumulate in the mid-ear cavity (referred to as acute otitis media ear infection). The pressure on the ear drum is the cause of extreme pain and associated symptoms of fever, ear tugging, temporary hearing difficulties, yellow or white ear discharge, loss of sleep and appetite, irritability, and crying.

As parents it’s so difficult to see our children in pain. However, you can provide a bit of relief using these eight tips…

1. Use a Warm Compress

Apply a soft, warm towel to your child’s affected ear. The towel can be moistened with warm water (make sure it’s not too hot).


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