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Tips for a Safe and Healthy Halloween

Halloween is one of the most unique holidays—think about it, what other holiday encourages adults and children alike to dress up in costumes, wander around the neighborhood in the dark, and consume endless amounts of sugary candy?

Of course, given its nature, Halloween can be hazardous, particularly for children. That’s why parents should carefully consider the following suggestions for keeping Halloween both healthy and a lot of fun…

1. Bring Hand Sanitizer Along

Halloween, which falls at the end of October and about halfway through the fall season, takes place right around the time classmates and coworkers start to fall ill with seasonal colds. On top of that, going out trick-or-treating often involves exchanging items with complete strangers—it’s basically a recipe for catching a cold.

That’s why parents should take hand sanitizer with them and have kids clean their hands after every few houses. It’s a great way to wipe out allergies before they have the chance of making you or your kids sick.

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