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7 Ways to Take the Fuss out of Toddler Mealtimes

Toddlers are in a crucial stage of development both mentally and physically, and need all the nutrients they can get. However, actually putting that into practice can be a challenge for some, as many 3-year olds decide they’re not going to eat anything you offer them.

This can be particular upsetting to you as a parent, who may feel you’re doing something wrong (maybe it’s your cooking?). However, chances are you’re not—you just have to learn to navigate the tricky world of fussy toddlers. Here are seven tips to get toddlers to eat a more diverse range of foods and (hopefully) not turn their nose up at what you’re serving…

1. Don’t Overdo the Milk

The Women’s and Children’s Health Network focuses mostly on breast milk, but this can apply to any type of milk your little one happens to be drinking. The source notes that as long as your toddler seems to be taking to breast milk, they should continue to feed this way and (theoretically) should still be able to eat 3-small meals per day.

Some toddlers start drinking cow’s milk at 1-year of age, but if your child seems to be happily eating the food you offer, then there’s no need to supplement their diet with extra milk, adds the source. When your child is aged 2, you can switch from creamier milk to lower-fat milk, it explains. Keep an eye on juice and water intake as well, which both can also fill up your fussy eater.

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