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7 Ways to Help Kids Ditch Diapers for the Potty

There comes a time in every toddler’s life when they hang up the diapers and start answering the call of duty. This can be an especially challenging and confusing time for both you and your little one, so patience will be a virtue.

Some children are ready to try the potty before others, as early as 2-years or even less. Don’t panic or force your child to use the potty if they really don’t seem ready, as it may be more trouble than it’s worth. Here are seven tips to help your child adapt to going potty like a big boy or girl…

1. Let Them Run Free

Literally. If you still have diapers on your child that are absorbent, your child may pee without you even knowing it, and there won’t be any cues for your child to get to the potty.

Parents magazine notes you can let your children run naked before bathtime, and see if they naturally gravitate towards the mini-toilet. Once they realize that peeing while naked isn’t that pleasant, you can slowly introduce clothing back into the mix, adds the source.


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