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7 Ways To Curb Aggressive Behavior in Children

If your kid is lashing out, it doesn’t make them a bad child. It probably just means they are probably vying for attention, or there’s another underlying problem that’s driving their behavior.

However, instead of harshly punishing your child (which can make the problem worse), there are other approaches that can help calm them down and be more cooperative with you and their peers. Here are seven ways to address aggressive children…

1. Find The Triggers

HealthCentral.com explains that taking an “if-then” approach to parenting could be helpful in this situation. It centers on finding out what makes your kid most frustrated, and then teaching them alternative strategies to avoid them building anger.

For example, perhaps your child doesn’t like it when a toy isn’t working, or gets upset if they perceive that someone is criticizing them. In these situations, you can teach you child ways to manage the situation such as asking for help or vocalizing their feelings instead of getting physical, adds the source.

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