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7 Ways to Calm Restless Kids Before Bedtime

It seems that kids get a renewed burst of energy about an hour before bedtime (we assume they secretly know this, and do everything in their power to stay awake). However, this can be especially exhausting for you as a parent, who has worked all day or provided their care and just want an easy bedtime routine.

While some children have a condition like ADHD that can make them more prone to hyperactivity, many are just naturally active and seem to turn on the turbo jets in the evening. If you’re dreading another night trying to get junior to relax enough to sleep, here are seven tips…

1. Don’t Feed Them Too Late

Try to ensure your child has eaten their last meal a bit earlier before they hit the sack, as the associated “energy spike” from the food could fuel them longer than you’re hoping for, suggests Livestrong.com.

Also be aware that snacks and juice could give them a sugar rush that could kick in right when you’re trying to wind things down. The source also suggests cutting back on sugar a few hours before bed, or risk them being “physically incapable of relaxing.” If you child drinks (caffeinated) soda, eliminate that 6-hours before bed, it adds.

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