Uplifting Ways to Promote Self-Esteem in Kids

Creating a confident base in early childhood can build better self-esteem later in life, but you may not realize that you play a big role in fostering this positivity. Your child looks to you for cues that help them form their own self-image.

While you’re tripping over yourself trying to make sure your child has all the latest toys and clothes, keep in mind that a “positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child,” says Parents.com.  Let’s look at seven simple ways to help your child value themselves…

1. Give them (Easy) Choices

You may be in a pattern of making choices on behalf of your child to save time and to get things done, and there are many cases where this is pretty much the only option. However, Parents.com notes there are some situations where you can make your child feel more important by putting the decision in their hands.

One easy way to this is at the breakfast table, it notes, for example, giving them the choice between eggs or pancakes. “Learning to make simple choices while he’s young will help prepare your child for the more difficult choices he’ll face as he grows,” adds the source.

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Jeff Hayward

Jeff Hayward

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