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7 Tips to Keep your Kids Safe at the Splash Pad

The hot hazy days of summer are here and parents and kids alike are looking for ways to cool off. If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard pool or even a garden hose and sprinkler, you don’t have to venture far, but for others, a local splash pad is a great destination to have fun and cool off.

As with any activity involving water, caution must always be considered. Toddlers and young children love the opportunity to splash and paly, but as a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure they know the rules and you diligently watch them. Here are seven tips to keep your kids safe at the splash pad this summer…


1. Pick a Good Splash Pad

Most communities offer several splash pads and wading pools—especially in a family friendly neighborhood. In fact, splash pads are often located beside a playground, trails, and other attractions for the family to enjoy. A quick search online of your local splash pads will provide numerous results in your area.

Word-of-mouth is also a great way to find a great summer destination. And if you have friends, making a playdate at the splash park will give you an opportunity to catch up with friends while your kids play.

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