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7 Summer Safety Tips for Kids Playing Outdoors

While there are many temptations to keep kids inside including video games and television, with the warmer weather the motivation to get your children outdoors for some exercise and fun is sure to increase.

However, there are also precautions that should be taken to make sure playing outside is an enjoyable and safe experience for your little ones. In the spirit of National Safety Month in June (also when summer starts in the U.S.), here are seven tips to keep your kids out of danger when they’re enjoying the great outdoors…

1. Wear a Helmet

Jumping on the bicycle after dusting it off from storage shed is something your child is probably looking forward to. Bike riding is a great way to practice balance while also getting some low-impact exercise and exploring the neighbourhood.

While there’s no sweeping federal law requiring kids to wear helmets, there are state or local laws that dictate these rules. Mandated or not, you should be properly fitting your child with a helmet – it could save their life, or prevent a life-altering brain injury from a fall or crash. Helmets apply to sports as well – make sure they’re wearing the right helmet for the right sport, as it’s not a case of one helmet fits-all.

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