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7 Parenting Techniques to Get Toddlers to Cooperate

Taming a toddler is one of the great challenges of adulthood – they sometimes don’t listen to reason, and the more you try to coax them to eat, sleep or take medicine, the more of a fight they can put up.

However, you may have to think a bit differently if you want to have less of a struggle with your little one. Experts have looked at this subject for a long time now, so here are seven tips from various sources to help you out (and preserve your sanity)…

1. Say it Out Loud

The CBC recently published an article citing a recent study that states if you can get your toddler to promise something out loud, they’re much more likely to cooperate. The research, done by Brock University in Ontario, gives examples of things kids can say – including “I promise not to repaint the walls of my room with fluorescent markers.”

The study included 99-children under the age of 5, according to the source. The kids were placed in a room and asked not to look at a stuffed animal behind them. While 80 per cent of them couldn’t resist the urge to take a look, once they made a verbal not to, to cheating rate dropped to 58 per cent. “When you say something our loud, it becomes a part of yourself and your commitment,” it notes.

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