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7 Odd Toddler Behaviors and What They Might Mean

Your toddler may do things that can’t be explained, and you might just chalk it up to them being young and silly. After all, most things toddlers do are adorable (when they’re not having a tantrum in public) and don’t seem to cause any harm.

However, according to the U.S. magazine, Parents, your child may be giving you signals that something is wrong or trying to express something without words by the way they act and the gestures they make. They can be seemingly innocent behaviors, but by learning to read your child, you can better provide solutions. Here are seven behaviors you can probably relate to…


1. Wanting to be Naked in Public

Parents magazine notes that many toddlers feel the need to be naked, and don’t yet grasp the social graces of wearing clothing in public. The magazine says in an article that disrobing can be a source of pride for your child, and they sometimes do it to “seize control”. It’s their way of rebelling on a smaller scale.

The magazine suggests getting your child more involved in the process of getting dressed, such as asking them which pair of pants they prefer to put on. Letting them run around as nature intended is fine inside the house, but setting limits outside by not letting them play without clothing can be helpful.


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