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7 Games to Help Achieve Gains in Children’s Brains

Brain development is key during the early years of your child’s life (right up until the age of 25 according to experts). However, your young one’s mind is especially vacuum-like during their earlier years, so it’s a great time to take advantage of learning.

Sometimes teaching your children can be boring to them, despite your best efforts – so using activities and games is a great way to get them interested and keep them engaged. Here are seven fun and challenging options to help your children become more effective thinkers…


1. Colors, Colors

This game appears on the Neuroscience for Kids website. The basic premise is teaching to separate words from colors in their brain, by having your child say the word on the screen that isn’t associated with the color it indicates.

For example, the word “red” may come up on the screen – but the text is in blue (the right answer would be blue). It forces your child to quickly separate the color from the word. Start slow and have your child repeat the exercise until they start getting quicker. You can play along with them, as it can be a bit of a brain bender for adults too!


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