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7 Fun and Healthy Ways to Really Bond with Your Child

These days, the competition for quality time with your child—especially if they’re an adolescent or teenager—seems to be growing. It’s hard to compete with the latest social media site, and sometimes getting them out of the house with you can be a fruitless effort.

It’s difficult as a parent to be heard over the noise of the internet, television and friends. That’s why staying connected with your child sometimes takes a bit of effort and creativity. That being said, here are seven ideas to pitch to your son or daughter to help win some much-needed bonding time…

1. Go on an Adventure

It’s 8 a.m. on a Saturday and your child is sitting around, bored. There you are, fresh from 8-hours of sleep, waiting for an excuse to take advantage of the weekend. Now’s your chance to suggest a road trip to your kid or embark on a local adventure.

Find a town near yours that has something unique about it—whether it’s a restaurant that serves crazy-sized burgers or a remote ghost town, get your child excited about it and hop in the car. If there’s a nearby trail that goes into a spooky forest you’ve both often wondered about, then today’s the day to explore that trail! You can bring along a picnic lunch and some cameras to capture that day to look back on.


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