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6 Ways to Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety

Dropping off your child to daycare, school, or even camp can be a somewhat traumatic experience for both you and your child. If their routine has suddenly been changed, it could make them clingier, leading to feelings of guilt and abandonment.

While most children get over the anxiety of being away from their parents, AnxietyBC explains that some children will continue to feel the effects even into their second school year. About 4-percent of children will feel separation anxiety during any given school year, according to the source. Here are 6 ways to ease the transition and the anxiety that comes with it…

1. Teach Your Child about Anxiety

AnxietyBC also notes that while you might know the feelings of anxiety well, your child might not, and think there’s something wrong with them. Letting them know they’re not alone—figuratively and literally—can help them accept the feelings.

Knowing that there are other children who have a hard time coping without their parents around can help them understand what the negative feelings are caused by, and help them on the road to more independence.


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