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6 Ways to Foster Healthy Social Skills in Children

Social skills start developing from the time we’re born, through interacting with our parents. However, as our lives become more complex, so do our social connections and expectations. That’s why it’s important to ensure our children are picking up healthy social habits, which they will likely take into adulthood.

It’s not just about how much time your child spends with others if they’re not learning the right social skills, says Parenting Science. There are three key elements your little one should learn to foster healthy communication; self-control, empathy, and verbal communication, said the source. Here are six ways to help guide your child in the right direction when it comes to positive interactions with others…


1. Teach your Child about Feelings

If your child doesn’t understand how their behavior affects others, they probably won’t see a reason to act any differently. Not only will learning empathy lower the chance of your child acting negatively towards others, it can also help your child be better liked by others for understanding how they feel.

One way to help your child develop empathy is by discussing their feelings with them, offers Parenting Science. Ask them what makes them feel happy and sad, and why. By explaining that emotions are normal and what triggers them, your child may learn better coping skills, says the source.

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