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6 Ways to Cope With Estranged Children

Regardless of your parenting style, you might encounter a situation where your son or daughter cuts ties with you without warning. It can be tied to an argument or it can come out of the blue, leaving you feeling helpless and afraid for the child’s well-being.

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of a similar situation or even feel resentful towards your child, but there could be deeper issues at play. Here are six ways to handle an estranged child and attempt to connect with them (to be clear, we’re talking about adult children aged 18 or older)…

1. Avoid Blaming Yourself

As EmpoweringParents.com points out, whether you think you contributed to your child cutting your off or not, it was their decision to sever ties. Some children choose a “flight” response to stress, which is not your fault. Furthermore, your child may have a mental illness that you (or your child) may not be aware of.

As the source points out, in some cases the children think their problems end when the parent is not within earshot to point them out. However, the truth is that the problems will still exist, and they will likely end up with more worry and despair without your support.


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