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Ways to Avoid Spoiling the Kids at Christmas Without Being a Total Grinch

The holiday season is when all the of the major toy manufacturers launch their newest “must have” item, and leave parents in a hurried frenzy trying to get the last one in stock so they don’t have to see little faces of disappointment on Christmas morning.

But while you may be pulling out all the stops to get a Hatchimal (this year’s biggest toy craze) or forking out big dollars on resale sites, you also might be setting up your kids to expect whatever they ask for. You can have smiling faces on Christmas morning without maxing out your credit cards, while teaching your kids to appreciate what they receive. We’re not saying you shouldn’t treat your kids a little, but here are six tips how to not spoil your kids this Christmas…

1. Limit the Number of Gifts

If your little one has handed you a long list of things they want (to forward on to Santa, of course), then you might want to focus on the items that you know will really put a smile on their face. Think quality over quantity.

Today’s Parent magazine explains that kids can become spoiled by the sheer number of gifts with their name on it under the tree, many of these that they’ll only be interested for a few minutes on the special morning. It’s a problem “when they focus more on opening presents rather than with what’s inside,” explains the site. So focus on a few bigger-ticket items near the top of the list, and cross your fingers they’re affordable.

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