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6 Ways Gut Bacteria Affects Child Behavior

You may have some gut feelings about what’s affecting your child’s behavior, but it turns out what’s in your child’s gut can actually be the answer. Diet can affect your child’s gut flora, which can lead to behavioral changes (but keep in mind that toddlers are still toddlers, and will act accordingly).

It is increasingly being proved that there is a strong connection between the belly and the brain (through the Vagus nerve), and this holds true for kids as well (especially boys, according to PsychCentral). Here are six ways the food your child is eating may be causing that tantrum to be a little more intense…

1. Sugar Outbursts that Aren’t Sweet

An article from Fatherly.com notes that sugar can affect a certain microbiome in your child’s gut, leading to hyperactivity. The offshoot is that meanwhile, “chemicals that aren’t favorable to brain health” are being produced, adds the source.

This can lead to mood swings. “One food that is indisputably the king of crankiness is sugar,” explains the article. There’s nothing like having a child that’s hopped up on sugar and also cranky at the same time. Common mistakes like giving children sugar-laden yogurt for a dose of probiotics has good intentions but can make the problem worse, it adds.

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