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6 Tips to Lull your Child to Sleep Naturally

It’s not really a problem to coax your baby to sleep in the first six months or so. After all, they’re falling asleep in the middle of a feeding in many cases. However, once baby starts wearing toddler shoes, it can become more difficult to get them to close their eyes for more than a minute.

Quality sleep is important for your active toddler (Care2.com notes toddlers should have 10 to 13 hours per day), and can also be important for you as a parent to catch a break for a couple of hours. So whether you’re thinking about how to achieve a nap or want your child to sleep longer through the night, here are 6 tips…

1. Shhhhh…Be Quieter

Easier said than done with a busy schedule, right? You don’t have to tiptoe around the house, but remember that just like you, loud noises and boisterous conversation are likely to jar your toddler awake (especially if they’re a light sleeper).

Care2.com notes toddlers should be put on a sleep/nap routine, which means you shouldn’t schedule vacuuming or social visits during that time. Turn off the television and put on gentle music or a fan for white noise to avoid complete silence (which can also be a problem). Take the 2-hours as some relaxing “me time”.


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