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6 Tips to Help Kids Avoid Nighttime Bedwetting

It happens to kids who are newly potty trained, as well as those who have been out of diapers for a long while. Either way, they can wake up with an embarrassing puddle on the bed that can be troubling for both the child and their parents.

While the odd accident may be inevitable, there are ways to help reduce the frequency if bedwetting becomes a problem. Here are six tips to help your kids make it through the night without any accidents (and for you to get an uninterrupted rest)…

1. Don’t Shame

Your kid is probably already unhappy that they wet the bed, especially if it means having to get up abruptly and interrupting their sleep for you to change the sheets. Drawing attention to it or somehow making them feel like they’re to blame is not going to help the situation, notes WebMD.

In fact, the source recommends implementing a “no teasing” rule to avoid any siblings from bringing it up or making jokes out of it. This same rule applies to people outside of the immediate family, it adds.

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