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6 Tips to Handle Head Injuries in Children

It can happen in an instant…one minute your child is playing happily without a care in the world, the next they are taking a dive off a couch and into the edge of a table. Or, they crash into a friend on their bikes and topple onto the pavement.

While much crying ensues and you probably start to panic, there are some things to keep in mind about kids and head injuries—they’re usually not as serious as you might think, but they should be monitored just in case. Here are six tips for when junior bonks their head (and they will)…

1. Don’t Be Panicked By Blood and Bumps

If there’s a “goose egg” (bump) that forms soon after the impact, and even some blood flow, there’s probably no need to panic. The outer layer of the skull is full of blood vessels, and goose eggs are the result of blood and fluid leaking into the scalp, notes ChildrensMD.org.

The source acknowledges that bleeding and bumps can be upsetting for a parent, but should resolve after 5 or 10-minutes of applied pressure. If there’s no noticeable changes in behavior following the incident (more on that next), then immediate medical attention isn’t required, adds the source.

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